Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015 is a specially created application for BIM (Building Information Modeling). The app comprises features for designing architectural projects, structural engineering, MEP and different types of constructions.

The new version of the application was seriously improved and obtained a number of new options. Revit 2015 is the only software product, which supports creation of BIM projects, from developing a unique idea to the construction.

The list of features is rather long; however, the most important of them are the following:

  • Sketchy lines. The tool creates the effect of hand sketching and may be used with views of various types. It may be applied to 3D orthographic views, sections, elevations, plans and other kinds of views.
  • Antialiasing. This function helps get rid of rough lines and makes the lines of every image smoother.
  • Model Control Enhancements. In this version the automatic deletion of pinned items was changed into manual, thus in order to delete an object it is necessary to unpin it.
  • Improvements to scheduling. Scheduling is a unique tool which allows users to operate, quantify and show building information. The feature contains 6 new elements that help take better control over a designing process. Now in case of necessity it is possible to create a schedule at any time during designing process. If a user makes any change, the app will automatically update the information.
  • Family parameter changes. The option permits to set parameters in a special order, grouping them in families. Now users can view them in the Properties Palette in a chosen order. The parameters may be grouped by type or instance.
  • Tool tips. In the previous versions, users did not have a database with detailed information concerning the rules of usage of the Revit instruments. This edition contains all necessary tips for users, thus it makes the work easier and more productive.

The app got some usability modifications. Previously, users had to select each necessary item manually, however, now it is possible to choose all necessary elements using a special window.

Performance characteristics were seriously enhanced – due to modifications, the modeling process can be fulfilled faster and more effectively.

It became much easier to operate annotation tags. One may store documents more precisely and accurately thanks to annotation tags that permit to make calculated values and obey pin limitations.

Revit provides an opportunity to work in large teams, located in different places due to Revit Server. All data are stored on a single server.

With the help of subscription for A-360 Collaboration for Revit, specialists may get fast access to BlM project data in the cloud. This feature greatly simplifies construction and building process.