Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 is the version of a well-known commercial software program, developed for easy and qualitative 2D or 3D computer-aided design. This version was released a month ago and proves to be one of the most successful releases.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 contains a number of enhancements that are aimed to make your everyday work easier. Its perfect functionality and new features can help you achieve excellent results.

Changes in Interface

Developers improved this version greatly and the first thing, which has undergone enhancements, is the user interface. The new welcome screen, added last year, now is renamed to the Start tab. Besides, now it is persistent and contains two frames: “Create” and “Learn”. The Create frame serves as a tool for new drawings or accessing updates. The Learn frame contains all tools necessary for learning the software. The Start tab is always viewable.

Redesigned Status Bar with a number of tools added to it, makes work with this version easier. The Status Bar also contains the Lock UI feature. Though, this is not a new feature, now it can lock the interface, preventing rearranging of favorite ribbon panels or tool palettes.

Moving and copying of layouts is also easier now due to the improvements with the Layout tabs.


The developers also created some new documentation tools that also deserve attention for mentioning. The existence of a single DIM command offers access to various options, due to which you can work with all types of dimensions. Now the program can recognize the underlying geometry automatically, can predict the kind of dimension necessary for you and offers you an opportunity to preview the result of your design.

Besides, the Dim command remains active even after placing the dimension. It also allows users to align or adjust the spacing between various dimensions. This feature provides users with an opportunity to create perfectly-organized documentation.

3D Improvements

Autodesk AutoCAD can also boast with a number of 3D enhancements. The Section Plane Tool is oriented towards creating section objects, acting as a cutting plane through 3D objects. Point cloud capabilities have also undergone some changes – now they support section planes.

The developers of this version added a feature, due to which users can control the transparency of point clouds (now point clouds support UCS capabilities of AutoCAD).

Work with cylindrical shapes became easier now. The addition of such models as intersection, corner, edge, perpendicular to edge simplified work with these forms.


The MentalRay engine was replaced by a new rendering engine. Now rendering is simpler and the amount of render settings is fewer. For automatic applying of lighting effects, the developers added IBL environments to the rendering engine.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 also contains a number of other enhancements, significant for designers. This is a great release, which can help you make your work more productive.