It’s hardly find better application for designing professional precision drawings than Autodesk Autosketch 10. This is an excellent 2D drafting application, offering a wide choice of tools for designers, illustrators, contractors, etc.

With this application, you can easily create professional architectural drawings, electrical drawings, informative graphics, conceptual sketches, etc. AutoSketch is an irreplaceable tool for designing electrical details, floor plans, various product specifications, etc. Using this application, you can create excellent industry standard drawings.

This particular version is the latest one and offers updated DWG file compatibility as well as fast startup features. Besides, AutoSketch 10 comprises plenty of other features that surely deserve attention.

The first thing, which must be mentioned is the addition of powerful drawing tools. Only one application can satisfy the needs of the most demanding designer. It makes no matter what you need to draw – in this application you can live out any dream.

Updated DWG file compatibility allows you to create your drawings and share them immediately with your friends or colleagues.

For beginners, this version contains special Tutorials that help you understand all peculiarities of work in this application. A special wizard will guide you automatically through the program and the process of selecting necessary symbols, drawing scales or toolsets. Any drafter can create professional-looking drawing in several clicks, using such tools as:

  • Associative dimensioning;
  • In-place text editing;
  • 3D effects;
  • Customizable grids;
  • Automatic locks and snaps.

AutoSketch 10 also offers a customizable work environment, which has a flexible workspace for straightforward drawing. This enhanced environment conduces to more productive work. Besides, your workspace can easily be customized – you just need to turn on additional toolbars or create your own ones.

There are also new content library features, offering the opportunity to use drag-and-drop or ready made content. This version comprises 30 symbol libraries: landscaping icons, mechanical parts, symbols of plumbing, bedroom or bathroom symbols, etc.

Besides, this particular version can boast with a fast start up – it helps users to start working faster. The application wizard will help you get started quickly and without difficulties. It will help you select the necessary drawing type. Wizard is able to configure the necessary drawing environment by setting units, toolbars or drawing scales.

Flexible File Management allows you to open several drawings at one time. Besides, this feature helps you find necessary files easily.

Layer management allows you to work more efficiently, using user-friendly layer controls. Besides, layer management fully corresponds to AutoCAD industry standards.

Autodesk AutoSketch 10 can help you solve a variety of difficulties, caused when you design your projects. This application is a must for those, who are oriented towards professional results only.

You can purchase Autodesk AutoSketch 10 just for $90 here, and download it almost immediately!