Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2016 is the latest version of AutoCAD software, developed to meet the needs of architects. With this application, the working process became more productive and easier.

The developers added intuitive environment and a variety of purpose-built tools that allow architects to create architectural documentation more efficiently. As far as the work of architects is rather serious and even inconspicuous mistakes can cause very serious aftermaths, tedious drafting tasks are automated now and this feature reduces the amount of errors.

Due to the existence of the DWG technology, users of this program can easily share the results of their work with engineers or colleagues for discussing all peculiarities.

If your goal is to create more realistic design visualizations, this version helps accelerate project reviews with the help of integrated rendering tools.

Those architects who know well the working methods of AutoCAD should know that Architecture 2016 works faster. With this version, you will receive not only familiar AutoCAD functionality, but a number of useful tools, developed especially for the needs of architects as well. If you already have some skills of work in AutoCAD applications, you can start work immediately. Otherwise, you can learn specific tools of this application at your own pace and then start working.

With AutoCAD Architecture 2016, you can create drawings, documents or schedules really faster. A global library of specific architectural components and keynoting tools increases the productivity and conduces to creating of excellent results.

Besides, it stands to mention that this version automates repetitive drafting tasks and generates schedules, sections or elevations faster.

One of the goals of Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2016 is to offer users a smooth collaboration with the project team. Now you can easily discuss all peculiarities of work with your team, using built-in rendering tools. Besides, you can share the results of your work with electrical, structural or plumbing engineers with the help of AutoCAD programs.

Using the Roombook option, architects can select a type of surface finishing and calculate the wall, ceiling or floor area. Users also have access to creation of specification for surfaces and to data export into Excel or DWF formats.

All operations with building markings are automatic now. When you change the boundary elements, these changes become viewable in the whole project. The calculation of area is made according to the DIN, SIS or BOMA standards.

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2016 is an excellent application, created for turning the routine work with sketches into an easy process. Besides, architects will surely appreciate all features of this application, which is oriented towards reducing the amount of errors and increasing of productivity.