Autodesk Maya 2015 contains an excellent arsenal of features and enhancements that make this version one of the most successful releases. With the help of tools, added in Maya 2015 users can create incredible designs.

The first feature, which really deserves attention, is the Bifrost Simulation. This is a new liquid simulation platform, using which you will simplify the process of creating liquid effects. For doing this, you just need to select this option from the Bifrost menu. After selecting the required collision object, Bifrost will do everything automatically. If you need to add forces to the required liquid object, you can specify necessary emitters or accelerators.

Using the new XGen system, designers can control the style of spheres or curves on the surface of other objects. This system helps achieve incredible results in designing hair or fur styles. Besides, it is also used for populating the environment. This system comprises a number of useful brushes       and offers users an opportunity to control the width, length, depth or density of the placements. It also comprises the support for Ptex maps, using which you can define areas clear of particles.

The Bullet engine also requires attention. The creation of dynamic animation is done in several clicks. The Bullet engine also supports soft-body and rigid objects. Besides, there is a subdivision of selected objects into the Active or Passive Rigid Bodies. The rigid body objects can easily be animated.

Using Maya 2015 designers have an opportunity to create and animate shaders with the help of ShaderFX – node-based editor. The main goal of this editor is to unite nodes together. Within this editor, the work with nodes became structured; it is easier to add them now.

Speaking about viewport enhancements, it stands to mention that this version supports viewing particles and dynamics. Due to this improvement, users can view the results immediately; they are not obliged to wait for the render. In Maya 2015, you can also view Toon shading, Paint Effects, nHair or nParticles.

If you need to navigate the existing scene, the new Walk tool is what you really need. These modes allow users to move through the scene with no trouble.

Users of mobile devices like tablets will surely appreciate this version because it supports Multi-Touch devices.

Using such option as Texture Deformers, you can easily use displacement maps. You can apply it only once, but you will always control how texture influences over changing the surface.

In Maya 2015, users will see one more significant feature – support for Pixar’s OpenSubDiv. This is a new smoothing method, which gives an opportunity to playback animated meshes faster. Now you can view animated characters as smoothed meshes.

Except all the above-mentioned features and tools, game developers will find a lot of other features, able to make their objects of design brighter and more realistic. Besides, this version is compatible with Windows, Macintosh OS X and Linux.

P.S. There is khal Drogo on the picture.  Modeled in ZBrush, 3ds Max, Maya and Photoshop by Baolong Zhang